Gilles Santantonio

France / 2001 / 100'

Patagonia, situated between the Atlantic and the Pacific, which men usually pass by. Nicolas Hulot and the Ushuaia Nature team that includes a glaciologist, a geologist, a botanist and some cavers go on several expeditions to the western part of southern Chile, from the granite towers of Paine to the marble mountain in the Diego de Almagro island. After cautious progression in the huge crevassed field of the Grey glacier, the specialists of the expedition make some explorative immersions in the heart of the frozen mass and discover, among other things, the larva of an insect that survives at that temperature. Endless days of navigation in the countless number of canals and fiords beaten by storms, enable them to reach areas where they can observe many marine animals including whales. Inland they meet many other animals that populate the forests in this land like the guanaco, Darwin’s nandù, the condor, red and grey foxes and the powerful puma. This film is the fourteenth episode in the Ushuaia Nature programme dedicated to all lovers of nature.


Gilles Santantonio

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