Hans Peter Stauber, PETER BAUMANN

Austria / 2001 / 45'

After the symbolic representation of an ancient duel, following an adventurous ski piste in the majestic mountain panorama of Arlberg, Tobias Moretti, a mountain man, traces the more than a century old history of Austrian skiing. The Norwegian scientist and explorer Fritjof Nansen, Nobel Prize winner for Peace, wrote a book in 1891 on one of his exhausting journeys entitled “With Ski Boots Across Greenland”. A best seller that appealed to two pioneers of Austrian skiing, Mathias Zdarsky and Reinhold Bilgeri, and encouraged them to compete in the first duel on skis in the mountains that still continues in sport today. The film is inspired by Arnold Fanck’s masterpiece “White Thrills” shot in the thirties and still unequalled and introduces us to the world of skiing and famous personages like Stefan Kruckenhauser, the inventor of the ’wag’ in the fifties and Franz Hoppichler, the personification of national ski instructors who demonstrate the pleasure of skiing with their skill. The film, dedicated to skiers of all ages, is a complete tribute to Austria’s great skiing history.


Hans Peter Stauber


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