Bulgaria / 2001 / 54'

The famous Bulgarian climber and photographer Doychin Vasilev, who currently has in his account several eight-thousanders, including Mt. Everest, guides us with a camera in his hands to the peaks of the gods in the Himalayas. Everest and Lhotze are peaks both featuring a magic force, an enormous stage where people possess absolute freedom to follow their dreams, to challenge their own character, to prove friendship and to mirror themselves in nature to discover themselves. All of this is contained in a breathtaking thriller, a duel with the mountain, with the difficulties and risks, in other words, a fight with yourself, that does not always have a happy ending and is full of uncertainty, satisfaction and also human tragedy. People and dreams on the white peaks in the pursuit of limits in human possibilities and then a look beyond… to the next peak, to the next dream.



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