Italy / 2002 / 39'

Yosemite is a magical place that makes one dream and this film proves it. The film Yosemite is a personal story, but is similar to the story of many other climbers who scale these spectacular walls. In the documentary the author explains how he imagined and climbed El Capitan on the lovely and difficult ascent called Tempest. It is a view of the life of extreme climbers that you can see and experience in the Yosemite, and with a bit of imagination you can climb with them.



Valerio Folco worked as a helicopter pilot in the alpine rescue team and for the Civil Protection of Valle d’Aosta, but he has also been a high mountain alpine guide since 1992. He has climbed for twenty five years and today he is one of the outstanding worldwide figures in artificial climbing of big rock walls, having made more than one hundred ascents (ED and ABO) on the whole alpine arc. As a director he shot several documentaries, including: Big Stone (1999), Yosemite (2002), Game Over (2004), Dentro La Bolla (2004), B.A.T. (2004), Professional e Free Rider (2003), La macchina del Tempo (2006) and My Revers (2007). He participated several times in the TrentoFilmfestival.

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