Nepal, China / 2002 / 39'

Who is and what is a nomad? This medium-length film, coproduced by Nepal and China, defines this condition in which, on the one hand, the nomad is forced by necessity to follow the herds of yaks in search of new grazing lands and, on the other, is the result of choosing an itinerant life in contact with nature in the great expanses of the Middle East.
It is an extremely hard way of life, rewarded by a great sense of freedom, as the various characters attached to these ingrained habits explain, with simplicity, while they talk about themselves, their work and families, the difficulties and pleasures of their day.
But the situation here, as elsewhere in the world, is changing. For the better, as promised by so-called "progress"? While the film portrays their living conditions, various nomads express their preoccupation for a future that cannot be gauged. Will roads and motor vehicles, able to transport the livestock rapidly from one place to another, subvert the old systems and cancel traditional nomadism?



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