Italy / 2001 / 19'

Dante Spinotti is an internationally famous photography director. Nominated for the Oscar for "The Insider", among his most recent works there is also Begnini’s "Pinocchio".
He has been living in California for some years and is often busy in Hollywood, but he frequently returns to Carnia, in Italy, to the places where his family comes from and where he was born and lived before he began his film career. Among these mountains he learnt to observe light and shade and combine images.
The film is the story of the life, work, thoughts and feelings of a man who loves to divide his time between "visible" film sets (Hollywood) and a world with deep traditional roots (Ovaro in Carnia) where being "invisible" is a normal way of life.



Born in Trieste in 1954, in 1979 he graduated in modern literature, with a thesis on the history of cinema. He specialised in modern cinema techniques and was assistant director at the Association Varan in Paris. A television director since 1983, since 1990 he has been one of the founder members and creative manager of Videoest in Trieste. He has written, directed and produced numerous artistic, historical and nature films, along with advertising and industrial films.

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