Germany / 2003 / 76'

The documentary is about a few Swiss musicians who play the Alpen Horn, not for folklore, but as traditional live music that can be constantly renewed. We meet Hans-Jürg Sommer who, because of his marvellous modifications on the Alpen Horn, has been publicly criticized by the association of alpen horn players. In the meantime some pieces by the composer, who personally plays on the computer, have become part of the repertory of orchestras.
We can see and hear Hans Kennel seeking sounds on the Alpen Horn for his contemporary jazz, contaminated with more traditional music.The film director Stefan Schweitert accompanies the "Hornroh" group presenting the minimalist musician Moondog, showing once again his ethnological interest for music and managing to enthral the public with the fascination of soundund.



Stefan Schwietert was born in 1961 and grew up in Therwil, Switzerland. In 1981 he spent a year in Brazil where, among other things, he worked as an assistant director in the music-film department of Globo TV. In 1983 he spent a guest semester at the California Art Institute in San Francisco, and from 1984 to1990 he was a student at the German Film and Television Academy in Berlin. In 1991 Schwietert founded his production company NEAPEL FILM. His films have been shown throughout the world and awarded several prizes. Schwietert also teaches at different film schools and acts as dramatic adviser on film projects. He lives and works in Berlin and Basel. Selected filmography includes: Accordion Tribe (2004), Das Alphorn (2003), El acordeón del diablo (2000), A tickle in the heart (1996).

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