Italy / 2003 / 28'

Anyone who tells a story lives in two worlds, in the present and in the past and therefore in a world of memories. The documentary tells us the story of the Tscharf farmstead and the people living there, the uses and customs, their traditions in the repetition of annual festivities and everyday work. It is an important document because this, too, is a reality of the past that is disappearing, as the whole of the farmstead is about to be demolished.



He was born in the mountains in 1958 and moved with his family to Lana, Alto Adige at the age of three. In 1984 he made his first movie, Recycling, which won several awards in Italy, Yugoslavia, Austria, Germany and Argentina. He then directed Fighting (1985) which was broadcast by Rai 3 and Antenne 2, Zebra, on the occasion of a study and work trip to England and Hybrid (1987), presented at the VI Festival Cinema Giovani. Since 1985 he has worked as a freelance cameraman for RAI and ORF. In 1987 he took a study and work trip to Asia for nearly 6 months, following the pilgrimage of a Buddhist monk on his way to Tibet.

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