Claudio Redolfi

Italy / 2001 / 22'

On the mountains where the First World War was staged, people have searched off and on for war relics of all kinds, some to earn a living and others looking for rare pieces to take home for their collections, or put on display in the village square.
Among these "salvagers", as they have been called also on other occasions, there is one in particular from Val di Sole who stands out: Emilio Serra, born in 1919, who, after collecting a certain number of war implements, decided to open a small museum dedicated to the 1915-1918 war in memory of that terrible conflict fought in the mountains in extreme conditions, in wooden huts anchored to rock walls and in trenches of snow and ice. Moreover, together with his friend Kurt Steiner, who served in the Tyrolese Kaiserschützen, he has promoted various Festivities of Fraternity in memory of the fallen on both sides of the war and has built many monuments in granite inaugurated during official events in the places of remembrance.


Claudio Redolfi

Claudio Redolfi began making amateur films in 1965. In the 1990s, he opened his own production studio and made a range of tourism/sports and culture/education documentaries. One of his most evocative was entitled “L’erede di Moresana” about life on a mountain farmstead in Valle di Sole. He has presented a vast array of films at the TrentoFilmfestival since the 1970s; some of his main entries include “Lettera al nonno”, “Evoluzione”, “Caserando”, “Guardandomi indietro”, ‘L’ombra”, “Un venerdi verso le tre”, and “El salvin”.

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