Rémy Tezier

France / 2003 / 52'

Europa is a virgin island situated in the Mozambique Channel, 350 km east of Madagascar. A real animal sanctuary, this island is the favourite place of thousands of sea birds who come here to reproduce: sea-eagles, gannets and terns. Between them cohabitation is ruthless and reflects the harsh nature of the island. Nevertheless Europa is also the most important place in the world in which sea turtles breed. At the beginning of the austral summer hundreds are born on its beaches and, even if many are caught by the predatory birds, many manage to survive.
The sea beds are unspoilt. There are plenty of sharks and perches, proof of the rich environment. Despite various attempts, men have never been able to colonise the island, also because of the onslaught of swarms of fastidious mosquitoes.
The documentary is part of the series "The Forgotten Islands".


Rémy Tezier

Remy Tezier
Rémy Tezier has been working as a freelance documentary film-maker for some of the major European television networks (TF1, France 2, France 3 and RFO), specialising in nature, environment and adventure. His series Avventura e scoperte, made up of six films shot at Réunion and Mauritius, has won more than forty international awards. His successful series Le isole dimenticate, included Glorieuse, l’Ile aux Tortues Vertes. Tezier has participated several times in the Trentofilmfestival, as well as in many other film festivals, winning 19 international awards.

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