Jean-Pierre Acquetella, Laurent Sorcelle

France / 2001 / 12'

The cedar of Lebanon, a fine specimen of a tree which, despite the fact it is the symbol of the country (in fact it appears on its flag), has almost disappeared. There are a few oases here and there where these trees still survive. The film illustrates in particular the cedars in the village of Bécharré, situated in a mountainous and chiefly arid and rocky region at an altitude of 1,900 metres. Here, the oldest cedars in the world still miraculously survive. They are hundreds of years old or indeed thousands of years old. Yet even this forest is threatened.
A Lebanese doctor from Bécharré is fighting against the progressive disappearance of the cedar and he not only never tires of involving the population and trying to convince them to safeguard these trees, but he also carries out a policy of reforestation which he hopes will bear its fruits. The Lebanese doctor also involves the school children in this activity, thus relying on the future generations.
The film portrays this situation and follows the doctor, the "saviour of trees", with attention and sympathy in a tranquil simple story without rhetoric.


Jean-Pierre Acquetella

Laurent Sorcelle

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