Dietmar Höss

Italy / 2003 / 62'

The film is about Alto Adige and how the population relates to it. At the same time the documentary also attempts to cross the provincial borders to explain the Heimat, dear to all southern Tyroleans, a term which loosely means "motherland", but in the hearts of the inhabitants has a deeper meaning and is something that needs to be safeguarded. The footage portrays picturesque scenes of farmhouses, mountains, work, traditions, uses and customs without forgetting products and technologies of great importance.
The film was commissioned by the "Landesverband für Heimatpflege", which broadly means the "provincial association for the protection of the artistic and cultural property of the land", but gave the film director leave to treat the subject of the Heimat in his own way.


Dietmar Höss

Born in 1959 in Munich. Between 1996 and 1999 he attended the Zelig school of cinema and television in Bolzano. In 2000 he founded the Blue Star Film that produces documentaries and fiction films.

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