Italy / 2003 / 50'

For years Paolo Ciucci, the maximum Italian expert of wolves, has been following the tracks of a small group of wolves that live on the Pollino mountain, the highest in southern Italy and surrounding areas. After having been around the world studying the wolf with leading world experts, he chose to spend most of the year in the wildest parto of Italy with one aim: to reveal the mystery of the Italian wolf and its virtually unknown habits. Months and months of patience were needed before he managed to put a collar on two wolves and now their movements and those of the pack are followed by radio. But wolves are wary creatures and can easily sense the presence of a stranger. Even the clothes the men wear have to be impregnated with the smell of the forest for a long time before they can be used and any other suspicious smell or noise will make the wolves run, even at great distance. The documentary narrates the story of this exceptional and unique scientific study.



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