Germany / 2002 / 21'

Welcome to Mongolia, says the board at the airport. Trying to get to know Mongolia, a huge Asiatic country, in just one visit is an impossible task. Nevertheless this film travels through a large part of the country with positive results. First it gives a bird’s eye view (from a bus) of places, features, and customs (fleeting rapid scenes, as if "stolen" from reality) in a kind of planned reconnaissance to get a general idea of the continent to be examined. Then it stops to observe in close-up some typical and, at the same time, conflicting situations: the town and the endless plains. A sharp contrast between two completely different ways of life, one marked by the pursuit of a western-type "progress" and the other linked to tradition, especially the nomadic life of the hinterland population still devoted to sheep-rearing. Emblematic the scene of a tent (of skins) against the background of skyscrapers.
The documentary, packed with disconnected observations that collide in a variegated mosaic, gives us new light on a land of great interest.



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