Poland / 2002 / 8'

Robert and Tomek were bosomfriends and enthusiastic climbers. Together they had achieved several feats with an exceptional spirit of collaboration, which had drawn them close together. Then, Robert met his death in an ill-fated climb. Faced with this sudden disaster, Tomek was devastated.
This film – made with great attention for detail, atmosphere and psychology – presents the drama of the survivor who feels a moral obligation to return to the places frequented with his lost companion. The purpose is to pay homage to him in some way and to visit his mother. The return to the places where the two alpinists used to train and prepare for their exploits with youthful bravado, increases Tomek’s grief. The meeting with his dead friend’s mother takes place between the two survivors in agonized silence.
It is important to note that the film, without dialogue or rhetoric, was made by the Polish National Film School in Lodz.



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