Gianfranco Dusmet

Italy / 2002 / 16'

THE epic of great migrations for Trentino is now only a memory for those who have remained, but for those who have remained, but fot those who had to leave their country in the hope of finding better life, it is still acute and painful. This short reproduces, with historical images and traditional songs, the visual emotions experienced in the first person by an emigrant in the second half of the nineteenth century. A diary of a dream and the hard reality of the time made of soil dust and stones. After a voyage tinged with nostalgia, the ship docks among the colours and sounds of the New World. The country awaiting the emigrant is perhaps wilder than the one left behind, but with the temperament and willpower of a mountaineer he manages to trasform that distant corner of the earth.


Gianfranco Dusmet

In 1980 he started to work in television first as a cameraman, then in editing and finally as director. He has worked for several programmes for RAI and Mediaset and for many documentaries about sport, current affairs, art and culture. Over the past years, many of his productions have been selected by several festivals in Italy (Trento, Turin, Palermo, Venice, Milan, Asolo) and abroad (Jaca-Spain, Banff-Canada, Les Diablerets- Switzerland). He received several awards including the Swiss “Grain d’Or” for the short El Mazzarol and in Spain the “Trofeo del Consejo Superior de Deportes” for the sport documentary Marcialonga ‘92. Last year he made and produced a report from Israel about instances of peaceful co-existence
between Palestinians and Israelis, which was broadcast on Rai 3.

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