TRASPARENZA - “ETNA 1991-1993”


Italy / 2002 / 27'

A documentary on the eruption of Etna in 1991, considered by the experts to be one of the most important in the last three centuries. For nearly a year and a half the erupted lava modifies and reshapes the territory, it expands in the wild Valle di Bove, invades the unforgettable Val Calanna and spreads to threaten the inhabited centre of Zafferana Etnea. A threat, perhaps more indirect than real as often happens in these cases. An attempt is made first to contain and then to deviate the lava flow. The volcano accepts man’s invitation, but in turn invites him to change course and alter his attitude. But man, often deaf to manifest warnings, continues along his insensitive, arrogant and conceited road. A journey among flows and memories, reflections and nostalgia.



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