Austria / 2002 / 25'

The film sketches a very personal portrait of Helma Schimke, a Salzburg alpinist. A successful artist and mother of three children, she was one of the world’s best climbers in her time. Helma Schimke was an alpinist of extraordinary talent, whose skill and passion for the mountains seemed to know no obstacles. At a very young age she was already contending with the great names of alpinism, like Marcus Schmuck, in daring feats on extreme climbs. In 1961 her husband, Judge Konrad Schimke, died while attempting a first ascent on Watzmann. Overnight Helma found herself alone with three small children to bring up. But even after this tragedy, that turned her life around, she did not stop loving the mountains. Helma Schimke was not only a pioneer of alpinism, she was also one of the few women who managed to emerge in her profession as an architect. In the film Helma Schimke speaks openly and honestly about her life, her fears and her doubts and, most of all, about her love for mountains.



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