Gilles Santantonio

France / 2002 / 97'

Siberia is such a big and varied country it never ceases to surprise. This French film follows the expedition of five people, the director, a seabed explorer, a marine biologist, an underwater lighting specialist and an underwater cameraman, to Lake Baikal. This lake covers an area of 31,500 square kilometres and is 1,600 metres deep. Below its frozen surface it hides a great number of plant and animal species, which the underwater explorers observe and study. The second part of the film shows the French group in the Gyda peninsula, beyond the polar circle, exploring new frozen areas (which they also cross by motorbike and bicycle). Then they follow a family of nomads with their herd of reindeer. In this journey they meet other populations with unusual customs and animals such as the powerful Siberian tiger, the musk ox and wolves.
Made by the first channel of the French TV, the result presents various features of an extremely interesting land.


Gilles Santantonio

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