JON MUIR, Ian Darling

Australia / 2003 / 52'

Muir is one of the most accomplished mountaineers and explores in the world. Drivern by a passion for adventure and challengers, after climbing Everest and exploring the most mysterious corners of the Artic in 2001, Jon Muir decided to cross Australia on foot. Starting from Port Augusta, in the south of the country, he carried out this extraordinary and captivating journey of 2,500 kilometres arriving in Buketown, in the north, in the Gulf of Carpenteria. For 128 days he was physically and emotionally taxed to the limit more than once by land and climatic conditions that were not always ideal. Accompanied only by his dog, Seraphine, guided by the instinct for survival and by an intimate knowledge of the country, the Australian manages to accomplish what he calls his “Great Feat”.



Ian Darling

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