John Griber

United Kingdom / 2000 / 14'

Precipices and immaculate snow, huge glaciers and clear Arctic air, Greenland is one of the most captivating and hazardous destinations for skiers and snowboarders attracted by adventure. John Chris, a mountaineer and snowboarding, begins this extraordinary adventure in Greenland with three world champions of skiing and snowboarding: Chris Figenshau, Jim Zellers and Kasha Rigby. They plan to explore the Karale Glacier, facing for the first time the descent of many nameless walls, and crossing the glacier with kite skis at a speed of 40 km an hour and more. An exciting adventure, but also a very risky one and, indeed, two tragic events of the year before are still vivid in John Chris’s mind: the death of two friend on Mount Saint Elias and soon after the death of his wife on Cho Oyu in the Himalayas.


John Griber

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