Germany / 2003 / 26'

In the dialect of the Tupi Indians “Pororoca” means a “great roaring noise” and refers to a huge wave of sweet water that originates when the Atlantic tides collide with the Amazon and its tributaries. The wave is so big it can spread for hundreads of kilometres over land devastating everything in its path. The Brazilians Ross Clarke-Jones, Picuruta Salazar, Carlos Burle and Eraldo Gueiros, world class surfers, reach the heart of the Amazon junge to ride the biggest and longest tidal wave in the world many kilometres away from the ocean. For the first time this exceptional natural phenomenon has been captured on film bringing to the audience the thrilling spectacle of the power and force of water.



Bill Heath is a Canadian film-maker with over 20 years experience. He started his career training and collaborating with the legendary veteran Warren Miller, ski cinematographer. He has worked with some of the major American film production companies such as Disney (agent Cody Banks) and MGM (X-Team) and with indipendents. In many film, Heath highlights the beauty of sport and adventure. His film Sinner and Pororoca Surfing the Amazon won several awards at the Banff Television Festival, Sundance Film Festival and the Hawaii's Ocean Film Festival.

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