Sergej Loznitsa

Russia / 2002 / 28'

The film proposes still cinema portraits of ordinary poeple from Russia, revealers of passing time and fleeting obscurity. The portraits follow one another and, while the characters are pictured immobile in the frame, the scene behind them moves, following its own rhythm. With images of run-down environments, the documentary evokes the atmosphere of a disintegrating world and an inconsistent life. Despite the passing of time and the seasons, the human figures remain immobile and always the same.


Sergej Loznitsa

Sergei Loznitsa studied Mathematics in Kiev, Ukraine, and worked at the city’s Institute of Cybernetics after graduating. In 1991 he started studying at the Moscow State Institute of Cinematography under Nana Dzhordzhadze. Since 2000, his films have been produced by the Studio of Documentary Films, St. Petersburg.

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