Austria / 2003 / 39'

The film is about the intensive experience of a nature expedition around the world. A journey through different cultures stongly connected with the forces of nature and their phenomena. The trip becomes a “ dance of the senses”, in opposition to the artificial world created by man. Nature draw us into its elements, into its dynamic and creative force. We admire its beauty and its aesthetics. We learn about ancient cultures fighting to preserve the last natural islands before they are lost forever. This makes us reflect on our life and our relationship with nature, mountains and foreign cultures.



Born in 1949. He is a a director, cameraman, photographer and biologist and professor of Didactis of the Information at the Faculty of Didactis of the Information and Scientific Film Production at the University of Salzburg. He is the manager of the Film Production House Salzburg Science Film, and has produced several educational scientific films. He has travelled a lot and carried out several expeditions to the mountains and different wildlife enviroments all over the world. In 2004 he participated in the 52° edition of the Trento Film Festival with the film “Tanz der Sinne”.

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