Luigi Cammarota

Italy / 2003 / 38'

Val di Mello is a gentle emerald green plain where time seems to stand still. Signs of its ancient inhabitants still exist among the rocks. The “melat” were hardy people who, in their search for the best grazing grounds higher up, made a route between the rock walls for the cows to climb. The animals climbed this route every summer and they were used to putting their feet in exactly the same place every time to reach the grass clinging to the steep walls of granite. Sergio, the last “melat” cowmn, who even today climbs with the cows to the Ferro summer pastures, and Ivan, boy , who in the first “twn boy” to discover this place, tell the story of the valley and their friendship.


Luigi Cammarota

He began his professional career making industrial documentaries and news reports. After long experience as a screenwriter and director of documentaries and commercials, he has continued to work with RAI and Mediaset. He makes ethnographic, cultural and nature documentaries, dedicated above all to man’s relationship with the natural environment and animals.

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