Gilles Santantonio

France / 2003 / 100'

The film is part of a series of French documentaries made for the TF1. The Ushuaia Nature troupe rediscover the winged characters of “ Il Popolo Migratore” by Jaques Perrin. In the heart of the National Park of Cevennes, south of the Central Massif, the ornitologist Yvon Le Maho is training a group of storks, white African pelivans, snow geese and Chinese cranes, to follow a two-seater piloted by Nicolas Hulot, while it fies over the calcareous plateau of Lozere. The documentary shows the extraorinary activity of these birds used to the camera. Filmed entirely in france, the last part of the documentary shows the Przewalski horses and wild vulturres that have been successfully reintroduced in the National Park.


Gilles Santantonio

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