Estonia / 2005 / 89'

Five young men take a four-month break from their well-functioning and responsible grown-up life to travel by bicycle from Mongolia to Nepal hoping to experience old-fashioned travel adventures. Their journey leads them through diverse landscapes and harsh conditions (the Gobi Desert where water and roads are equally difficult to find, the flooded dirt roads and landslides caused by heavy rain in the Himalayan mountains.) They are exposed to interesting cultures and meet fascinating people (Mongolian nomads, Buddhist pilgrims, yak herders in the Himalayas etc.) All five travellers are very different by nature and this is reflected in the relationships within the group. It appears that messages from home can have a much larger impact on the overall state of mind of the travellers than the daily difficulties that they encounter. One of the bicyclists is the author of this film



Liivo Niglas, born in Estonia in 1970, is currently a lecturer of Ethnology at University of Tartu. He also runs an indipendent production company for anthropological documentary films. He has made films in Siberia, Africa, Central Asia and north America. His films have won numerous awards including IUCN Prix at Vision du Reel.

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