Macedonia / 2004 / 15'

Martolci, a village in the central part of Macedonia. As in many other Macedonian villages, only older people have stayed to live here. Young people have abandoned the village because of the economic imbalance between village and city. Nevertheless, by departing they have not cut the link with their birthplace. Although living over hundred miles away for decades, they gather in the village on 13 and 14 January to perform the masked ritual Vasilichari. According to the Julian's calendar 14 January is the New Year's feast, also called Vasilica since it honours the Christian Saint Vasilija. It seems as if time has stopped in the village and everything, or almost everything, has remained the same as it was at the time when most of its residents abandoned it. Nevertheless, this is an occasion for visiting the parents left alone in the village, encountering each other, having fun and preserving the tradition, thus creating new tradition.



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