Stefano Savona

France, Italy / 2006 / 79'

On the mountains of Iraqi Kurdistan, Akif is following a group of Kurdish guerrilla men and women of the PKK (Kurdistan Labour Party), walking towards the Turkish border where the battle is still on. Akif, son of migrants to Germany, is the protagonist of this trip and his diary is the voice narrating the film: like other people, he believes in self-determination and is an active member of the pro-Marxist organization struggling for those civil rights that the Western world does not acknowledge for him, neither a few kilometres away nor in the heart of Europe. Under the looming threat of a Turkish or American attack, the film follows the march of this young army, stopping at the female headquarters, an exemplary camp. In a situation of apparent truce they talk about female emancipation, a better society and the high cost of military discipline. Today, most protagonists of this documentary film are dead or in prison, whereas about 5,000 guerrilla soldiers still keep fighting on the Kurdistan mountains to claim freedom for their people.


Stefano Savona

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