Andrea Frigerio

Italy / 2006 / 34'

The story of the “Ragni di Lecco” (Lecco Spiders) blends together men and mountains in one single entity, from the first explorations in the nearby Grigne range to the extreme routes of 2006. Great personalities and less famous people attempt ambitious enterprises motivated by a common and uncontrollable passion to explore mountains all over the world. The film retrieves valuable vintage films and pictures and tells the story of a group of climbers who have become very popular. It also outlines the worldwide development of mountaineering and its protagonists.


Andrea Frigerio

Andrea Frigerio, a director and director of photography from Milan, is enthusiastic about sports footage and documentaries on adventure and the alpine culture, due to his passion for climbing and mountaineering. He has competed at Trento Film Festival several times, winning the Silver Gentian in 2004 for “Socialmente Inutile”.

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