Germany / 2008 / 44'

At the time of the first alpine conquests by fearless aeronautical pioneers, the science of flying was beginning its infancy. The adventurers often lost their lives in their attempts to fly over the high peaks of the mountains in the first types of aircraft, which were often made of wooden boxes, linen and metallic wire. One of them was not discouraged by the many failed attempts that had been made before. In June 1913, the Swiss Oskar Bilder was the first man to fly across the Alps in an airplane. The documentary film is about the history of flying over the Alps, from its origins to its evolution, and it shows us beautiful past and contemporary model aircraft, thanks to old and unpublished library pictures. A team of pilots retrace the historic stages of flying over the Alps, also piloting a single-seat old aircraft rebuilt from original parts. The world of flying, that has always fascinated the human being, achieves a particular charm on the Alps, but has also a strong utility component, that encourages us continue to fly over those wonderful places today as we did in the past.



Manfred Baur was born in Marktoberdorf in Allgäu, Germany, in 1959. He studied chemistry and science theory, working for a few years in the scientific and chemical field. Since 1993 he has been dedicated to documentary film-making, shooting films specialising in natural sciences, technology and historic sciences. Among his documentary films as a director we should recall: Metropolis, die Macht der Städte (2003), Die Odyssee des Menschen (2001) and Feuer im Eis - Die Mammutjäger, der letzte Neandertaler (1998).

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