Rémy Tezier

France / 2008 / 75'

The dizzy footage shot from the top and bottom of the granite walls, the close-ups of a hand feeling its way along a crack in the rock searching for a safe hold, express better than anything the strong passion for the mountains in these sumptuous landscapes that are an authentic visual joy. The panting breath and the blowing of the wind, that first caresses and then ill-treats those bodies in movement, give the audience an idea of the unutterable happiness of being “up there”. The company of the roped party’s partner, in the intimacy of a relay on an ice wall or of a bivouac on the top of a thin peak, give an idea of the meaning of friendship. In enhanced mountain scenery, this film deals with meaningful and important topics such as passion, family, friendship and love… Catherine Destivelle is one of the greatest personalities of mountaineering and among the most renowned climbers of our times, both in France and abroad. Her popularity makes of her an excellent ambassador of the mountains.


Rémy Tezier

Remy Tezier
Rémy Tezier has been working as a freelance documentary film-maker for some of the major European television networks (TF1, France 2, France 3 and RFO), specialising in nature, environment and adventure. His series Avventura e scoperte, made up of six films shot at Réunion and Mauritius, has won more than forty international awards. His successful series Le isole dimenticate, included Glorieuse, l’Ile aux Tortues Vertes. Tezier has participated several times in the Trentofilmfestival, as well as in many other film festivals, winning 19 international awards.

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