Norway / 2007 / 53'

In May 2006, two friends, Tormod Granheim and Tomas Olsson, were on the top of Mount Everest, ready to ski down the slopes of the most famous mountain in the world. After four years training they got ready to be the first men ever to descend Everest on skis. Only one of them would make it, as the young skier bitterly tells: unfortunately there is no joy or satisfaction in achieving the desired goal when the price one has to pay for it is the loss of a friend. This film investigates in an honest way what is still a taboo: the feeling one experiences when facing death during extreme enterprises.



Lars Nilssen (born 1958) has made several award-winning shorts, including Finale (1989), The Dive (1992) and The Circle Of Life (1997). The latter won The Dolby Laboratories Sound Award At the Norwegian Short Film Festival in 1997. He has also made one feature lengh documentary, and has short and directed Twenty-one programmes about Bard and Lars going fishing for NRK - The Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation. He has also directed numerous music viseos and published three books.

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