Spain / 2007 / 19'

A young yuppie manager, stressed by his work and hectic life, leaves the town to look for peace and to find himself in the tranquillity of the mountains. All he wishes is to be alone, to go for a solitary ride on his new mountain bike, or to listen to his favourite music with his iPod, away from the noise and the crowd, immersed in the green meadows and the blue sky. His isolation, however, is disturbed by the presence of an old man who lives alone with his dog but thanks to whom, after their first disputes, the manager starts to rediscover the authenticity and beauty of life.



Kiko Ruiz Claverol, Spanish, was born in 1969. He studied Audiovisual Communication in Madrid and, after taking a master’s in Television and Media, he started to work for programmes and TV series of the Catalan Television, Televisión de Cataluña. He mainly works in film and TV series productions and, apart from Brokebike Mountain, has shot the short El sopar de la vaca.

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