Mexico, Canada, United Kingdom / 2007 / 87'

Set in Sierra Tarahumara, North-West of Mexico, Cochochi deals with the story of two young Raramuri boys (a native tribe of Northern Mexico) and their efforts to find a horse. The debu film-makers, Israel Cárdenas and Laura Amelia Guzmán, make a nice portrait of this native population and their life-style. The description is delicate and non intrusive, almost as if they were shooting the real life of the two protagonists and the characters they meet. The two brothers, Evaristo and Tony, both played by two non-professional actors, have just finished school, far from home. For both of them it is an important moment, when they have to make difficult choices. Evaristo loves studying and would like to go on learning Spanish, Mexico’s official language. Tony, on the other hand, although very clever, prefers the traditional life among his people and would like to go back and work in the ranch where they both grew up. Back in their village, they are sent to the Sierra to collect some medicines. They borrow a horse without asking for permission and venture up a difficult road in the mountains. Arriving at an impassable canyon, they loose the precious horse and in searching for it end up separated and facing many adventures in the Sierra.



Was born In Monterrey, Mexico, and studied communications. He founded Blueberry Films in 2001, and has since produced music videos, commercial and short films. COCHOCI (co-direct 2007) is his directorial debut.


Was born in santo Domingo, Domenican Republic, and attended the International Film and Television School in Cuba. She has acted as cinematographer for several short films. COCHOCHI (co direct 2007) is her directorial debut.

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