Belgium, France / 2007 / 54'

Every year, new candidates apply to ENSA (National Ski and Mountaineering School) in Chamonix to become high mountain guides. During 4 years of training they will learn to combine their passion for mountains with their commitment to take clients on their rope.
Their ancestors, generations of local guides and strangers from outside the valley, witness the evolution of this profession. From the “guide for the rich Lord” at the beginning of the past century to the “entertainment guide for a group” devoted to leisure activities, the relationship between a guide and his client oscillates between tradition and innovation.
Being inspired by the human adventure of their predecessors, this documentary film follows the future guides along their path. Their training brings joy and doubts thus transforming them, in their turn, into men of the mountain with that devouring and fragile flame that spurs on their desire for height.



Was born in Schaerbeek, Belgium, on the 9 August in 1971.
In 1989, he enrolled in the department of image at the INSAS (Istitut National Sùperior des Arts du Spectacle) in Brussels. In January 1996, he become a freelencer and worked as a cameraman in weekly and monthly TV programmes such as Journal Tèlèvise, L'Hebdo, question à la Une, Autovision, and Escapade Gourmande. In 1996 he made his first documentary film, "Sauvers de Cloches"(1996).
Ten years later he completed his second film "Des Hommes sur la Montagne" (2007) dedicated to high mountain guides. Since November 1995, he has taught report and documentary techniques to tthe camereamen at the INSAS

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