Austria / 2007 / 53'

The European Alps are the most famous mountains in the world. However, not everybody knows that there are three other mountain chains named “Alps”: one is in Japan in the Northern Hemisphere, the other two are in Australia and New Zealand in the Southern Hemisphere – all of them take their name after the first European explorers. The European and Japanese Alps have several things in common, whereas the Alps of Australia and New Zealand are very different. The film compares, for the first time, the four different mountain chains that share the name but differ greatly geographically and environmentally. In a fascinating and original comparison, we discover among them places, plants, animals and populations, that are quite different, but curiously and unexpectedly share the same destiny.



Jeremy Hogarth
Jeremy Hogarth is an Australian screenwriter, producer and film-maker of Irish origins. He has worked for years as documentary film-maker, collaborating with the major production companies and international television networks, such as the National Geographic International, Discovery Channel, NHK, ORF, ABC National History, BBC, NFB Canada and Tele Images France. His wide filmography includes: Kimberley - Land of the Wandjina, The Big Wet, Voice of the Planet, Sting of the King, (film-maker), the series Wild Asia: Temperate Forests, Himalaya Life on the Edge, Between Two Worlds and the series Miracle Placet (producer), Japan’s Secret Garden and Satoyama (screenwriter).

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