Austria / 2007 / 12'

The topic of an extreme, or maybe even narrow-minded way of life (as lived by many extreme sportsmen) has been criticised and dealt with many times. Enlightenment is a movie, which does not judge or favour a climbers’ life over a "classic job-life", more conventional in our society. Still, this film should motivate you to think about your own way of life - whatever it may be. The film tells the story of a young climber, whose life is entirely focused on his great passion - climbing. After having completed his hardest climb, he is suddenly confronted with another way of life: a normal job.



Born on September 12 1981 in Vienna, Austria
For several years he has now been climbing in the ranks of the elite. Being a former competition climber he has now advanced his abilities to almost any kind of alpine sports. At the age of 15 he discovered another passion of his: professional alpine photography. Since then he has travelled many different countries in order to photographically document these trips and experience personal and physical challenges.
In 2001 he was member of an expedition into the Chilean Andes, which was also documented on film. Always keen for new experiences he also started surfing and paragliding.


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