Germany / 2007 / 26'

Stefan Glowacz and Robert Jasper are totally obsessed with climbing the notorious “Forgotten Wall”, the steep and massive 1,000 metre North pillar of the Cerro Murallón amidst the inland ice of Patagonia. This obsession dates back to the year 2003 when they first attempted to climb the Cerro Murallón’s North Face. Although back then, they were brutally beaten back by the raging storms of Patagonia, the two “possessed” climbers and alpinists decide to return for two more extremely tricky attempts to climb the wall’s peak. However, the ice cold “Forgotten Wall” of the Cerro Murallón seems indomitable. In order to make their dream come true and reach their ambitious goal, Stefan Glowacz and Robert Jasper are finally forced to push themselves to the very limit.



Jochen Schmoll is a film-maker and producer. He has over 10 years experience as a cameraman and editor of television documentaries; many of them have been awarded, for example "Climbing into the death zone", "Mountain sickness in Himalaya" and the best mountain documentary film at the Tegernsee International Mountain Film Festival in 2003 "Young die who’s loved by God", a homage paid to Wolfgang Güllich. In 2006 he entered TrentoFilmfestival with the film "Letzte Ausfahrt Titlis".

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