Austria / 2007 / 50'

This film is inspired by a thesis: man adapts the mountains to his needs, but does not seem to adapt himself to the mountains. Fun Fatal deals with the everyday madness in the mountains, covered with buildings, roads and things made by man, crowded with a mass of skiers and snowboarders. Four young Swiss free skiers tell us about their lives and experience on the mountains and how daily they are confronted with the perils of nature. Their leaps from the rocks and their dangerous downhill runs give an idea of how fragile and vulnerable men are in comparison with these mighty “white giants”. The tourists escaping from the cities are searching for silence and relaxation, but what they find is often stress, crowds and noise. Despite its desire to be in contact with nature and break away from the usual schemes, the human urge for speed and consumerism can entrap anybody, whether a tourist or an extreme mountaineer. However, in the mountains the careless pursuit of fun can quickly become “fatal”.



Was born in Vienna in 1977 and from 1997 worked as a lighting engineer for the theatre. Since 1993 he has furthered his study of photography, applying it during is travels and activities, such as skiing, hiking and climbing.
He has hiked and climbed the Austrian, Swiss, Italian, French, Spanish and Slovenian mountains as well as those of Thailand and India. Since 2002 he has been dedicated to mountain video-making. Fun Fatal is his first film.

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