Sebastián Álvaro Lomba

Spain / 2008 / 45'

The Gasherbrum IV (7,925 m) is probably the most beautiful and elegant mountain of the Karakorum, the only one that may dim the stately height of K-2. It is a challenge of nature, rising high, pure and intact. When Bonatti and Mauri climbed the Gasherbrum IV for the first time, its purity and the required commitment were total. The Gasherbrum III (7,952 m), on the other hand, has never been repeated since 1975 when a Polish team, led by Wanda Rutkiewicz climbed it for the first and only time in history. Nearly fifty years after Bonatti, three friends Jon Beloki, Alberto Inurrategui and José Carlos Tamayo, decide to challenge these two giants, the real symbols of the inaccessible.


Sebastián Álvaro Lomba

Sebastián Avaro
Sebastián Alvaro (Madrid 1950) is a journalist, author and film-maker. Since 1984 he has been the production manager of Al Filo de lo Imposible, one of the most successful TV series of TVE. With his team and troupe he travels across the five continents documenting all kind of mountain sports such as climbing, rafting and paragliding. He led his team to Everest and other “eight-thousands” and crossed the Antarctic. He has participated in the Trentofilmfestival with eleven films and to date has shot a hundred documentaries, including El último desafío (1989), Aguas blancas (1990), Tras las huellas (1993), El K-2 (1996), La Torre del pequeño Amin (1998), Annapurna (2000) and El territorio del leopardo (2004).

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