Andrea Frigerio, GIANNI RUSCONI

Italy / 2007 / 37'

The film shows the stunning images of some first winter ascents of famous ways such as the Piussi-Redaelli way on Torre Trieste on Mount Civetta, the Philipp Flamm on the North-West wall of Mount Civetta, the Guide way on the North-East wall of Crozzon del Brenta and the opening of new ways such as the Fratello way on the North-East wall of Pizzo Badile and the Attilio Piacco way on the North wall of Pizzo Cengalo.


Andrea Frigerio

Andrea Frigerio, a director and director of photography from Milan, is enthusiastic about sports footage and documentaries on adventure and the alpine culture, due to his passion for climbing and mountaineering. He has competed at Trento Film Festival several times, winning the Silver Gentian in 2004 for “Socialmente Inutile”.


Gianni Rusconi, was born in Valmadrera on 28 March, 1943. He is an Alpine Guide and a Mountaineering National Instructor. After having climbed several times the hundreds of different ways on their home mountains such as the Corni di Canzo, the Grigne and the Resegone, Andrea Frigerio and Gianni Rusconi start to climb the traditional ways in the Dolomites, Mount Blanc and Cervino. In 1967 their passion for more and more difficult and new challenges, pushes them to attempt a winter ascent of the difficult and never repeated classic ways, or even to open new ways - and all taking place in winter.

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