France / 2007 / 52'

Alexei and Vassili are Komi, one of the most ancient indigenous peoples of Siberia. They live with their wives and children close to the Arctic Circle and are the last reindeer herders of this region. All the other Komi have abandoned this highly archaic and exhausting life style. Every autumn, in order to feed their animals, they cross the Urals into Asia to escape the intense Siberian winters, returning by the same route in the spring for the more temperate summers in the north. The four-month trip is long and perilous for these families and their 5,000 reindeer. The director and his crew spent one year living among these families and following them during the two major annual migrations. They captured the authentic portrayal of this impressive, harsh existence that is in perfect symbiosis with nature, the rhythm of the animals and the Arctic climate.



Born in Eisleben, East Germany, 1953. Studies in physics in Cracow, Poland. Economic- studies in Berlin. Works as an editor and script writer at the DEFA - Documentary Film Studio. Studies in directing at the University for Film and Television in Potsdam. After the film studio was closed- as a consequence of German unification- works as independent film director, scriptwriter and producer for cinema, television.

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