United States / 2007 / 64'

This film takes us on a journey through a snow-capped winter as seen through the eyes, and lens of one of the world’s top ski photographers, Dave Heath. Who better – and able – to follow him around all winter and film his adventures and encounters than the acclaimed veteran adventure cinematographer, Warren Miller. Nine Winters Old is the story of a photographer and the extraordinary characters he meets along the way, and how they all truly come to life in wintertime. We meet the young Ryan who, at age 9, dreams of skiing with his friends through the powder lined trees and flying off snow-covered bridges. Then there is Alasdair, Rick and Steve, Canada’s irresistible and enthusiastic ski-down comedy threesome, in full flow even at the age of 82. And finally, Richard, helicopter pilot, who conveys his love of the mountains through stunning maneuvers as he soars like a bird over glacial peaks. What emerges is not only a story about these and other extraordinary people, but also a dazzling and captivating view of the winter season, with its raw beauty and unexpected vitality.



Bill Heath is a Canadian film-maker with over 20 years experience. He started his career training and collaborating with the legendary veteran Warren Miller, ski cinematographer. He has worked with some of the major American film production companies such as Disney (agent Cody Banks) and MGM (X-Team) and with indipendents. In many film, Heath highlights the beauty of sport and adventure. His film Sinner and Pororoca Surfing the Amazon won several awards at the Banff Television Festival, Sundance Film Festival and the Hawaii's Ocean Film Festival.

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