Italy / 2007 / 56'

Elvo Valley, a morning in June, from 5.30 to 10.00. Olga’s dawn is marked by the natural timing of her activities: the time the cattle need to graze, the time to boil the milk, the time to curdle milk for making cheese. Her gestures express the essential and pragmatic charm of a centuries-old tradition, and recall a natural and essential relationship with nature. In a sort of “space-time isolation” somewhere in the mountains of the Biella region, the film takes the audience into a suspended dimension of silent waiting and observation. Love for the mountains, a symbiotic devotion with nature, a solid dignity founded on work, represent Olga’s world. She is a solitary icon for all the shepherds of this area in Piedmont and maybe elsewhere. The film captures and demonstrates the daily ritual of the earth, made by someone who has chosen her Time to investigate the mystery of existence.



Having concluded his literary studies and after working for the Museo Nazionale del Cinema in Turin, he began a career focusing on programme-making and audiovisual teaching. After an initial experience of working on image-forming for people with special needs, in the 1990s his artistic activities were increasingly directed towards the market, giving rise to the studio Prospettiva Nevskij. Since 1992 he has directed more than a hundred films, often selected for participation at festivals and exhibitions.

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