Switzerland / 2008 / 52'

Off-piste snowboard footages in Alaska, mixed with paragliding acrobatic images: the snowboarder Ueli Kestenholz and the pilot Mathias Roten train to improve their speed and prepare to take their two sports into a new dimension. The routes that were impossible are now practicable thanks to a new type of flying that lightly touches the precipices using skis. The base-jumper Ueli Gegenschatz, the climber Stephan Siegrist and the sky-surfer Stefan Klaus show us images taken from their perspective while performing their descents, each of them in their respective sport, in the Swiss Alps. On 13 March 2007, Ueli Kestenholz and Mathias Roten descended the famous Swiss mountains the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau using their skis and paragliders. Nobody had ever succeeded in this feat before, but their excellent experience in extreme skiing and flying, together with months of hard training and psyco-physical preparation, made their project possible. During the months of training the two athletes were coached by Raul Rodriguez, paragliding world champion, and Seth Wescott, snowboard Olympic champion.



Samuel Gyger is Swiss and comes from a family of photographers. After his studies and first jobs as an assistant film-maker, he worked as a cameraman for a few years. He loved mountains and life in nature and has trained shooting videos in the Alps and the greatest mountain locations in the world. His first work as a film-maker is the documentary Naural high, which has had favourable reviews.

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