Wojciech Kasperski

Poland / 2005 / 27'

In a cottage at the outskirts of a small village surrounded by the Altai Mountains there's a family rejected by the local community. Little by little we learn about their secrets. The story is haunting and it's difficult for the viewer to remember that this is a documentary film. Attractive Russian surrealism turns out to be real life.


Wojciech Kasperski

Wojciech Kasperski graduated from the Lodz Film School, Poland, and has gone on to become an internationally acclaimed and award-winning director of short films. He has shot films both in Poland and in Russia. Much of his work is set against the backdrop of Siberia. Today, Kasperski is considered to be one of Europe’s and Poland’s most exciting directors. His work has featured at the INPUT conference and at the Cannes Film Festival .

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