Gonzalo Arijón

France / 2007 / 127'

On October 12th, 1972, a Fairchild F 227 airplane from the Uruguayan Air Force took off from Montevideo heading for Santiago in Chile. On board were a team of amateur rugby players, the Old Christians, from Carrasco, a smart suburb of the Uruguayan capital, Montevideo, travelling to play a friendly match in Santiago. The bad weather forced them to make a stop-over in Mendoza, Argentina. The next day, shortly after resuming its journey, the plane lost contact with the control tower. For 10 days the search and rescue teams sent out by Argentina, Chile and Uruguay could find no trace of the plane or its passengers. Particularly heavy snowfalls had all but buried the white-roofed wreck of the plane, making it almost invisible from the air. Nobody believed that there was any hope of finding any of the 45 crash victims. Ten weeks later, a shepherd herding his flock in a high Andean valley saw two men in the distance, waving their arms to attract his attention. How did they survive the appalling conditions at 4.000 metres? How did they organize their daily lives during the ordeal? How did two of them manage to get out of there on foot to fetch a rescue party? This is a story that transcends the personal, a philosophical tale about the importance of friendship and solidarity in extreme situations.


Gonzalo Arijón

Nato a Montevideo in Uruguay, Gonzalo Arijón vive in Francia dal 1979. Ha la doppia cittadinanza, sia uruguayana che francese. Ha studiato antropologia e cinematografia. Negli ultimi 15 anni ha diretto numerosi documentari come ad esempio: Lula's Brazil: The management of Hope (2005), Les Grands Duels du Sport (2003 - 2005), Far, very far from Rome... (2004), Carl Lewis / Mike Powell 43 and 52 (2004), The "dark side" of Milosevic (2002), Goodbye “coquelicots” (2001), Rio de Janeiro: a vertical war (1999), Por esos ojos (1998), Somalia: the price of spilt blood (1999), Each day for Sarajevo: chronicle of a street under siege (1994), The world according to my brother (1991).

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