Italy / 2007 / 90'

The plot of the film deals with the life of three rock-climbers, Alessandro, Gianluca and Federico. They have a hard and tiring task: they fix metal retaining safety meshes to the walls at landslide hazards, and carry out other maintenance work over the region. Their life is lonely and dull, in their small and humble base camp far from the town, until they are recruited to rescue the people of a small village that has been evacuated because of danger of landslide. In this village the three men will have to be confronted with a geologist who, without the inhabitants’ knowledge, will take advantage of this situation for unlawful purposes. The film is about a hard, particular and little known profession that seems the perfect metaphor for human existence, ever suspended in a precarious balance on the brim of a precipice. The characters and the region, apparently harsh and brutal, hide and uncover the delicate and fragile traits of nature and man.



Stefano Chiantini was born in Avezzano, L’Aquila in 1974. He graduated in Film history and criticism, and after specialising in film-making, editing, film-script, creative writing and having participated in several cinema workshops he has dedicated himself to film production. He has written and directed the medium-length film Io e te, the full-length film Forse si…forse no…. , and the shorts Io ci provo and Dove corri, ma dove corri?! He has also written and directed the documentary film La favola produced by Gal Marsica for the Regional Government of Abruzzo in 1999.

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