Norway / 2007 / 52'

With ironic but also tender tones, Vinterland deals with the story of Rena, a Kurdish refugee who has started a new life in a remote village in the North of Norway. He has everything he needs, but he misses the presence of a woman. As a consequence, he decides to marry a girl from his country and a distant wedding is organised in Iraq with a girl he has never met. But, the marriage has a bad start as soon as the bride, Fermesk, arrives in Norway. Neither her husband nor her new country are as she had imagined. Also for Rena it is not easy to love a woman he doesn’t know and whom at first sight, does not at all come up to his expectations. Through this difficult love story, the film deals with political and social issues from a human point of view and delicately uncovers the fears and feelings that make people from different countries so similar.



Hisham Zamam, born in 1975. Graduated from the National Norwegian Film School of Lillehammer in 2004.
Zamam made several award-winning shorts during and after his studies at Lillehammer, most notably BAWKE (2005) which received more than 20 national and international awards.

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